Using Privacy and Decorative Window Film to Control the View

Sometimes there are areas in an office setting or even a home in which you want a clear view and other areas where more privacy is desirable. With 3M privacy window film, you can control the level of opacity you prefer. Decorative window film from 3M also allows you to create a brand-new visual appearance, enabling you to effectively customize your space. At Designer Films, we are your source for 3M privacy film and decorative window film products.

Control Your View with Privacy Films

Privacy window films are highly useful for room partitions, glass walls, cabinet doors, closet doors, storage areas, and other areas in which privacy is desirable. With these films, you can create a visually appealing and comfortable setting, while concealing what you don’t want seen.

The options available with privacy window films are many. For example, one-way mirror privacy and nighttime films can improve security by only allowing people inside to see out, but block those from the outside seeing in the building or space. The use of frosted privacy films on glass conference room separation dividers for instance can increase confidentiality for employees and clients and improve their focus without distraction from other adjacent areas. You can have 3M privacy film installed at much less cost than replacing existing glass or without the disruption and mess caused by sandblasting or etching.

Customize Your Window Style with Design Films

You can increase style and privacy at the same time through the addition of durable and beautiful privacy window films. 3M FASARA glass finishes come in dozens of designs with various colors and shades available. They may be cut and installed in a creative way to produce any number of customized looks. FASARA decorative window film enables you to control privacy and the level of light entering a space. It offers the benefits of sandblasted, etched, textured or cut glass at greatly reduced cost.

Infuse Color into Your Space with DICHROIC Films

You can infuse color into your glass surfaces and enhance privacy at the same time through 3M DICHROIC glass finishes. These window films use multi-layer optical films that produce rich colors that change with the viewing angle and level of lighting.

DICHROIC film is ideal for exterior and interior applications and may be used for a wide array of design and architectural purposes. This film is an innovative option to add a dynamic touch to the appearance of your glass while getting the privacy you want.

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