3M Traditional Series Window Film

The 3M Traditional Window Film Series is designed to reduce the impact of visible light and solar heat, preventing as much as 99% of the sun’s UV rays from penetrating windows and fading of your interior furnishings. At Designer Films, we are your source for 3M Traditional Window Film that provides exceptional beauty, durability, and performance. This film is cost-efficient for large scale industrial and commercial projects.

Some of the benefits of the 3M Sun Control Window Film Traditional Series include:

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Reduces Glare and Increase Comfort

One of the downsides to windows in a building is the harsh glare that sometimes negatively affects occupants, including employees working on digital devices, such as computers, which also causes eye strain. The 3M Sun Control Window Film Traditional Series reduces annoying glare and allows for a comfortable working environment during the peak hours of the sun.

Enhances the View

Since these window films are virtually invisible, you can reduce the entrance of heat into your workspace without diminishing the view from your office or other space. Drapes and blinds block glare but they don’t allow you to easily view the outside. They also prevent the pleasant clear view of the windows from the outside. The view both ways is better with 3M Traditional Series Window Film.

Protects Interior Decor

The sun’s UV rays can damage interior furnishings, including carpet, furniture, and cubical walls. The 3M Sun Control Window Film Traditional Series can help protect your investment by preventing UV rays from fading your furnishings.

Reduces Air Conditioning Costs

The installation of 3M Traditional Window Film to double or single-pane windows, can contribute to having a cooler space and save a significant amount of money on air conditioning costs.

Purchase 3M Traditional Window Film

To learn more about the 3M Traditional Series Window Film we offer, give us a call today at 800.232.8468 or use our contact form to leave us a message.

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