3M Prestige Exterior Window Film

Glass windows help beautify a home. They allow the sunlight in and provide a pleasant view to the outside scenery in your yard and neighborhood. However, the sunlight coming in can also expose you and your family to damaging UV rays and excessive heat. 3M Prestige Exterior Window Film provides the solution to this problem. It lets the light in but keeps the damaging UV rays and heat out without reducing the quality of your view or your home’s aesthetics. At Designer Films, we offer 3M Prestige Series Exterior Window Film that delivers exceptional durability, beauty, and performance.

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Features of 3M Prestige Exterior Window Film

These are multi-layer, non-metallized optical films with nanotechnology that blocks as much as 97% of the sun’s infrared light and 60% of the sun’s heat from entering through the windows. They also prevent up to 99.9% of damaging ultraviolet rays from coming through windows to fade or damage furnishing. These films provide exceptional clarity and comfort, preserving the appearance of your home.

3M Residential Sun Control Prestige Exterior Series Window Films are a combination of various film options with lower-than-glass reflectivity that allows the entrance of 40% to 70% of the natural sunlight into your home. With this film installed, you and others will only see a beautiful window, whether from the inside or outside, day or night.

Key Benefits of 3M Prestige Series Exterior Window Film

The low exterior and interior reflectivity provided with this window film allows you to enjoy the view from the inside while maintaining the same appearance of your windows from the outside. This non-metallized 3M Sun Control Window Film (Prestige Exterior Series) also does not interfere with the signals from mobile devices. It protects you from harmful UV rays, prevents your furnishings from fading, and keeps your interior spaces cool.

Purchase 3M Prestige Exterior Window Film

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