3M Night Vision Window Film

The 3M Night Vision Window Film Series provides ideal protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun, effectively controlling heat and glare, while allowing in the inviting natural light which results in greater comfort. In contrast with other sun control films on the market, the 3M Vision Window Film possesses a low interior reflectivity that provides an exceptionally clear view, especially at night. The view is so clear that you can see outside even with the lights on inside. At Designer Films, we carry these Night Vision Films to help you achieve the protection and comfort you desire in your interior spaces.

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3M Night Vision Window Film Benefits

3M Night Vision Window Film Benefits

The benefits provided by the 3M Sun Control Window Film Night Vision Series we offer include:

  • Low reflectivity for clearer view both day and night
  • Protection for humans and interior furnishings from damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Warm tones are the perfect complement to natural light and help shield against solar rays
  • Rejects heat well with dual pane windows
  • Preserves and prolongs the appearance and life of carpets, furniture, artwork, and wood floors
  • Preserves the natural beauty and warmth of a room
  • Enhanced color stability
  • Lowers air conditioning costs
  • Bypasses the need for heavy window coverings

If you are looking for the perfect film to enhance your vision to the outside and protect you and others inside from harmful UV rays, the 3M Night Vision Film Series is the ideal choice.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How long will 3M night vision window film last?

3M night vision window film comes with a 12-year warranty.

Will 3M night vision window film damage my windows?

3M night vision window film will not damage your windows, especially if it is installed by qualified professionals and is well taken care of.

Does 3M night vision window film provide privacy?

3M night vision window film has high exterior reflectivity and low interior reflectivity, so you will have increased privacy inside your building while having high visibility from inside.

Does 3M night vision window film come in different shades?

3M night vision window film comes in 4 different tints. NV15 has the darkest tinting. Then there are NV25, NV35, and NV45, which has the lightest tinting.

Is 3M night vision window film eco-friendly?

Yes, the 3M night vision window film is eco-friendly. It lowers the amount of UV rays and solar energy and heat which come through the window during the daylight hours. This means you will expend less energy on cooling the interior of your commercial or residential building, which saves you money while using fewer resources.

How can I find a qualified installer for 3M night vision window film in my area?

On our dealer locator, you will find a network of installers who are all qualified as part of the Prestige Dealer Network. You will be able to find installers near you and view their specific qualifications, to ensure the best possible results from your 3M night vision window film.

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