3M Safety and Security Window Films – Safety Series

Windows and glass doors are appealing for commercial and residential structures, but they are also vulnerable points of entry.

The 3M Safety and Security Window Films – Safety Series are designed to prevent broken glass from separating and flying apart into shard that can hurt people and damage property.

At Designer Films, we offer 3M Safety Series window film that enhances the security of building occupants and protects your assets from damage.

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Benefits of 3M Safety Series Window Film

The various benefits provided by the 3M Safety and Security Window Films – Safety Series, include:

  • Improves security against smash and grab burglaries, slowing down their progress.
  • Reduces hazards resulting from shattered glass due to human and natural causes.
  • Protects people and property from flying glass due to natural disasters.
  • Enhanced protection for laminated glass against spalling.
  • May be combined with 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems for increased safety and security.
  • May be combined with 3M Sun Control Films for great security and all the Sun Control Film benefits.
  • Blocks a high percentage of UV rays that can produce fading, effectively extending the service life of furnishings.
  • Comes with a 3M comprehensive warranty.

This single-layer, clear 3M Safety Window Film has a thickness that adds to the security provided.

From natural disasters, to accidents, to crimes, keep your building occupants and property protected year-round with a 3M Safety Film installation.

Get a 3M Window Safety Film Installation

For more information about the 3M Safety Film we offer, or to learn about the 3M Safety Film Window cost, give us a call today at 800.232.8468 or use our contact form to send us a message.

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