Prism & Dot Films

3M™ FASARA™ are decorative window films that are available in 100+ designs. These are often considered a privacy film because they can be used to control light and improve privacy while enhancing interior aesthetics. Fasara films provide the look of frosted, etched, cut, sandblasted and textured glass at a fraction of the cost.

Custom cutting of these materials provide personalized design options that can be used on conference rooms, entrances or any glass surfaces throughout a facility. The permanent, pressure sensitive decorative films have a transparent synthetic liner for easy cutting of logos or designs. These 3M films also come with color options outside of the typical white frosted window film appearance.

Fasara Decorative Window Film Prism and Dot

Prism & Dot Films

3M Prism & Dot Decorative Films

With the 3M Prism & Dot Decorative Films, you can emulate a truly vintage atmosphere and ambience. The patterns of differing sized dots and prisms in these decorative films easily create the appealing effect of silver glazing, which is a type of design that mimics a 1950’s atmosphere. Prism films are ideal for creating privacy as they also reflect and convey light to provide a warm, soft, feel to interior spaces. At Designer Films, we offer a range of film products that fall into the prism and dot decorative category which are ideal for your decorative and privacy needs.

Our Collection of Prism & Dot Decorative Films

3M Fasara Prism and Dot Glass Finishes include various quality decorative film designs for windows that incorporate prism and dot design elements through various repetitive, intricate, and elegant patterns. These 3M Prism Window Film products are an effective way to infuse a sense of sophistication into your commercial work areas or your home.

Control Privacy in Your Spaces

3M FASARA Prism and Dot Films give you control over the degree of privacy you want to achieve in a particular space. With the expertise that 3M brings to adhesives, you can be sure that your FASARA Glass Finishes Prism/Dot Film will apply to your glass surfaces fast and remain durably in place for a long time.

Customized Films

The customization available with these Prism & Dot Decorative Films, including custom cutting to create personalized designs, allows you to create the look you want on glass surfaces throughout your facility.

Contact Us for 3M Prism & Dot Decorative Films

For information about the range of 3M Dot and Prism Film product options we offer, call us today at 800.232.8468 or send us a message through our contact form.

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