Embossed Films

3M™ FASARA™ are decorative window films that are available in 100+ designs. These are often considered a privacy film because they can be used to control light and improve privacy while enhancing interior aesthetics. Fasara films provide the look of frosted, etched, cut, sandblasted and textured glass at a fraction of the cost.

Custom cutting of these materials provide personalized design options that can be used on conference rooms, entrances or any glass surfaces throughout a facility. The permanent, pressure sensitive decorative films have a transparent synthetic liner for easy cutting of logos or designs. These 3M films also come with color options outside of the typical white frosted window film appearance.

Embossed Films

Embossed Film

Embossed window film is a great product to use for adding a touch of style and elegance to your office space. The FASARA emboss series of films are designed to disperse light through irregularly textured surfaces that produce a pattern that allows in sufficient daylight while ensuring the desired level of privacy. Available in various textures, embossed film comes in neutral or clear colors.

Our Embossed Window Film Options

If you are a designer, homeowner, or property manager, an embossed film is the perfect option for adding privacy to glass walls, windows, or doors without making an excessive change to the appearance of the property. They are an ideal option when you want to lessen the glare in a room that is often oversaturated with sunlight.

The options we offer in embossed window films include 3M FASARA Hairline Mat, Wave Mat, Cross Hairline Blue Grey, Cross Hairline Sucre, Cross Hairline Light Grey, Cross Hairline Milky, Cross Hairline Matte, and Mosaic Matte. These films may be used for conference room glass, specialty windows, transoms, sidelights, and arches.

Customized Embossed Window Film

Our 3M embossed polyester film options include color options beyond the standard white frosted film appearance. You can also have these films cut per your customized requirements for use on various glass surfaces within a home or facility. They include a synthetic, transparent liner for easy cutting of designs or logos.

Order Embossed Window Film Here

We offer 3M FASARA embossed films that help you add an appealing style and visual ambience to your spaces. For more information about our embossed window film options, give us a call today at 800.232.8468 or complete our contact form.

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