Post-it® Flex Write Films

It’s an amazing feeling when your team just clicks—everyone feels a shared drive toward success. Capture that feeling at your next session with Post it® Flex Write Surface.  The dry erase whiteboard you can use with dry erase AND permanent markers to help track due dates, to do’s and metrics for your team projects. Transform your space by resurfacing a blackboard, stained whiteboard or cover an entire wall. With the use of permanent markers, there is less chance of accidental smearing or erasing, and the permanent marker wipes away with just water. While only water is needed to wipe away permanent marker, Post-it® Flex Write Surface is also safe for use with common disinfectant sprays. It’s been tested with common disinfectant sprays found in medical facilities however, as always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Designed for one-time wall application for long-term use. Limit attempts to reposition the film as repositioning the film could result in permanent damage to the writing surface including permanent creases or imperfections to the writing surface and is not recommended usage. Whenever you want to brainstorm, present or track projects, Post it® Brand is ready to help you succeed.  Includes a 3 year warranty from 3M.

flex it write films

Post-it® Flex Write Films

Post it® Flex Write Films

When a team gels together to accomplish a task, there’s nothing quite like it. Everyone is on the same page, reaching toward the same goal to achieve success. With the Post-it® Flex Write Surface film from 3M, you can help capture that same feeling at your next meeting. At Designer Films, we offer 3M Post-it dry erase film that meets the requirements of your indoor business or other recreational space.

Post It Dry Erase Whiteboard Film Surface for Walls

You can use the Post-it dry erase whiteboard film with permanent and dry erase markers to keep track of team project metrics, to-do lists, and due dates. Resurface an entire wall, stained whiteboard, or a blackboard with the 3M Post-it flex write surface. With the use of permanent markers on this surface, there is less chance of accidental erasing or smearing. Also, you only need water to wipe away marks from a permanent marker.

Even though you only need water to remove permanent marker from the Post-it dry erase whiteboard, standard disinfectant sprays, including those often used in medical facilities, can also be safely used.

The 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface is designed for a single application to the wall surface for long-term use. Do not attempt to reposition 3M dry erase film as this could cause imperfections or permanent creasing to the surface.

The Post-it Flex Write Surface is ideal when you need to brainstorm, track, or present projects. It also comes with a 3-year warranty from 3M.

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