7 Benefits of Sun Control Window Film for Your Home or Business

Sun control window film is an investment that pays long term dividends for homes and business owners across the country. This type of film provides benefits ranging from energy savings to UV and heat protection, and more. At Designer Films we are your source for quality and efficient 3M Sun Control window film.

Below are seven important benefits of using sun control window film at your home or business:

1. Reduces the Entrance of Harmful UV Rays

UV protection is one of the premier benefits provided by sun control window film. Although glass designed for residential and commercial windows provides some UV protection, it does not shield all of this radiation from passing through the window. 3M Sun Control window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays.

2. Reduces Glare

Window film designed to control the entrance of sunlight reduces glare. This also reduces strain on the eyes and enhances the view from the inside to the outside. Reduced glare can help make watching TV, computer screens, are smartphones easier as well. Night vision Sun Control window film is an option to consider if you want the same benefits of regular sun control film in addition to enhanced viewing at night due to the film’s low reflectivity.

3. Saves on Energy Costs

3M Sun Control window film prevents a significant quantity of heat from entering through windows. The result is reducing air conditioning usage and lower energy costs.

4. Regulates Indoor Climate

Locations near windows that do not have sun control window film installed may be hotter in the summer. This window film reduces these hotter areas, helping to keep the temperature indoors more consistent from one room to the next.

5. Protect Interior Décor

UV rays that pass unhindered through windows can damage interior décor, including furniture and other furnishings. Without sun control window film, flooring, artwork, furniture, plastics, rugs, and wood can all sustain UV ray damage. The addition of 3M Sun Control window film can provide the protection needed to preserve interior décor, maintaining its appearance for many years to come.

6. Prevents Cell Phone Signal Interference

Many 3M Sun Control window film consist of no-metal technology that does not interfere with the signals sent and received by smartphones.

7. Enhances Security

3M Sun Control window film can be combined with a thicker safety film, which prevents the glass from breaking apart completely during an attempted break-in. It holds together the glass which slows down or prevents the progress of would-be thieves.

For information about the 3M Sun Control window film options we offer at Designer Films, call us today at 800.232.8468 or reach us through our contact form.

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